Pork Carnitas Michoacanas in Denver!

pork-carnitasWhat are the Pork Carnitas?

When you visit Michoacán in Mexico and you pass by small towns like Quiroga, Patzcuaro or Morelia you can tell that they have something in common: one of the main food served in small restaurants are carnes. Obviously, you can’t go to michoacan without tasting this wonderful dish, since it is one of the best and traditional dishes in Michoacan.

And if you were born in Michoacan, then you know what we are talking about. You know that how super delicious is and is a family business. You probably had to move to the states, but that doesn’t mean you can’t taste the traditionally-flavored. You can find them in United States! That’s right! this from Michoacan in America!

Enjoy the delicious and juicy carnes of Michoacan that we have for you

Prepared with traditional Mexican recipe, the pork Michoacan carnes are a delight for your palate that you can’t miss at all.



As we say in Mexico, is fried pork meat in a saucepan or pot copper, in a way that is prepared in Michoacan. Pork meat is fried in its own oil. So the way it is prepared takes an authentic and special flavor. Sounds like it is very easy to prepare, however, not anyone can be able to do that, only families with many years of experience can prepare it, since it can be a little dangerous, due to the heat used to fry the meat. There are other ingredients used, but we can’t tell you, it won’t be a secret recipe. ☺

The carnes tacos are served with delicious corn tortillas, onions, cilantro and a special Mexican sauce typical of Mexico. Some people like carnes with bread.

I know! just by reading it you are hungry already!

So, we promise you won’t regret if you taste carnes, on the contrary, you will say: “otro taco, por favor”

Unique Flavor 100%
Experts At Your Service 100%
Carnitas Michoacan true 100%

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